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Oral Surgery

Wire and acrylic splint repair of maxillary fracture

Fracture has healed well repair of maxillary fracture

Oral surgical procedures are often required to restore the health and function of the mouth when genetic, developmental, traumatic, and neoplastic or cancerous abnormalities are present. Many of these procedures will make a life changing difference for our animal companions. Common oral surgeries performed at ADS include:


Trauma or accident can cause fractures to the head, teeth, and jaw bones. These are called maxillofacial fractures. Properly repairing these fractures is extremely important for a pet to have normal function of its mouth. Recent advances in oral surgery have made non-invasive fracture repair and bone regeneration a possibility for some cases that might otherwise have been regarded with a poor prognosis.


Extraction of an animal’s tooth is not as simple as it often is for humans. Because of some anatomical differences, many roots are fragile and closely located to other important structures like major blood vessels, nerves, nasal cavity and even the eye. Roots must be completely removed and the surrounding bone must also be treated.  Extractions sites are closed surgically, never leaving the socket ‘open’.  In this manner, healing is quicker and the patient is more comfortable with fewer opportunities for complications.

Palatal Surgery

Palate defects are not frequently seen in veterinary practice, but when they are present, these conditions can vary in severity and even be a life-threatening problem. Palate defects can be either acquired or congenital.

Oral tumor in a dog

Oral tumor near a dog’s molar tooth


The oral cavity is a common site of cancerous tumors. Removal and biopsy is indicated for all oral masses or suspicious lesions. A definitive diagnosis (biopsy) is essential to determine an appropriate treatment plan, including additional tests for staging the disease. For more information on tumors, please see our pet dental article on Oral Tumors.

ADS is committed to utilizing the latest and best technology for each patient’s situation, and the most progressive tools/products that the field of veterinary dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Van Nice is a recognized leader in the field of veterinary oral surgery and strives to ensure a successful outcome for each and every oral surgical patient in his care.