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Dr. Van Nice is exactly the blend of compassion and straight forward communication that you would create in a lab. My 15-month-old Malamute mix “Odin” chipped an upper canine. Having experience with large breeds my entire life, I knew Odin’s “adult” teeth although in, were not “mature”, and due to this, we were very concerned about Odin’s dental well-being going forward.

 Dr. Van Nice took the time to completely explain Odin’s condition – with photo examples – my options and his recommendations – along with a firm quote for treatment (except for complications, of course).

Devin G.

I have to join the chorus here and sing the praises of Dr. Van Nice.  He is a kind and compassionate vet.  He is very knowledgeable, explains everything and is willing to answer questions.  After taking care of the dental issues, Dr. Van Nice communicated back the medical issues my dog had to my regular vet right away so care for my dog was coordinated and fast.  He is the most skilled veterinary dentist in the area.  If you really love your animals and want the best for their dental care, Dr. Van Nice is the man for the job.

Catherin N.

Dr. Van Nice is amazing. He clearly saved my beloved cats life. I owe him so much. My cat Weasel fell off a 5 story building and shattered his face/jaw. Both jaw sockets (tmj) completely shattered. Compound fractures on both jawbones. Another emergency hospital in Irvine tried to do the surgery but didn’t feel comfortable doing the surgery. I left for another animal dentistry place in Fountain Valley they looked at my poor kitty said they could do the surgery in the $8000 range. Their main goal was to get the most $$$ out of me forcing me to make the hard decision to leave there and look at other options.  

I just showed up at ADS – Dr. Van Nice’s office with no appointment and told them I was going to sit in the office until he would look at my little boy. His jaw was just flopping loose- completely broken. The Dr. took the time to look at the x-rays and looked at my little guy. Said he felt comfortable with the procedure. He told me the cost – just fraction of the other quotes. Within moments my little cat was in surgery. He invited me into the surgery room to show me exactly what he was doing. 2 hours later I’m on my way home with little Weasel. It was less money than he quoted me. Unbelievable – It wasn’t all about money- it was about getting my little cat better. I had to syringe feed weasel 3-4 times a day for 8 weeks- mouth was completely bonded shut. I made at 4 -5 check ups and was never charged for the follow-up visits.

At every visit, Dr. Van Nice took time and really cared about Weasel. I can never thank him enough. My little weasel is perfect now…and to think I was only moments away from having to put him down.

Scott M.

Well, I’ve been around the doggy root canal block before with another doctor in Manhattan Beach (he was alright)… but I have to say I wish I’d gone here the first time!

First off, Dr. Van Nice is very nice and patient – answered my 7 trillion questions, has a wonderful way with animals and is also extremely honest. It’s very clear he’s not just about making money – but truly wants what’s in the best interest of your fur child. While my guy was under, Dr. Van Nice realized he didn’t need a root canal and crown. I was ready to fork over $2100.00 but ended up paying around $700.00  – and Dr. Van Nice seemed equally thrilled about it.  He also surgically removed a little bump and I was impressed at how knowledgeable he was. Also, Julie who runs his office is fantastic! Informative, super efficient and even though I was a total stress case – put me completely at ease.   And I need to add that their prices are much more reasonable than the two animal dentists in the LA area!  Honestly, it was a really wonderful experience and absolutely worth the one hour drive from LA.